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Sada na čistenie priezoru, plexi a okuliarov MUC-OFF 202

Seeing is believing - clearer visability whilst riding! Viac informácií
19.64 € Vrátane DPH
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Sada na čistenie priezoru, plexi a okuliarov MUC-OFF 202
19.64 €
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Are you tired of cleaning your helmet and goggles with pieces of tissue or the sleeve of your jersey? Then this kit’s for you! The Visor, Lens and Goggle cleaning Kit is ideal for keeping in your ride pack for quick and safe cleaning on the move. It quickly removes dust, mud, insects, soot and oily residue from your helmet and goggles leaving a streak free finish. Each kit contains a premium quality microfibre cloth that has been specifically designed to clean delicate finishes. The pack also includes a 30 mL spray bottle containing an advanced pH balanced, biodegradable cleaning formula.

Helmet, Visor & Goggle Cleaner
•    Formulated using de-ionised water
•    pH neutral formula as recommended by helmet manufacturers
•    Free from solvents and harmful chemicals
•    100% biodegradable
•    Ideal for motorcycle goggles
•    Ideal for cycling glasses and goggles
•    Ideal for snowboard and ski goggles

Helmet & Visor Microfibre Cloth
•    Designed for delicate finishes
•    Premium quality microfibre
•    Ideal size for carrying around
•    Machine washable

Náš kód: P17332
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